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Wind & Fire was founded in 1991, so select the year that YOU joined as your 'Class Year' (remember, this site is formed for a school's graduation year).

You have entered your information on the Club site, so please forward this site contact to any other member(s) you know who are not listed below.

Wind & Fire MC (windandfiremotorcycleclub.com)

If you see a member's name listed as 'Missing' then they can to join the site, they need to complete a 'Profile'. This will forwarded to me for verification before they can access the member's areas.


PS:  You will see 'Ads' on the site as this was the less expensive option, if the site is used and will be retained, we can 'upgrade' to 'no ads' without losing any information.

Select Year You Joined W&F. If your year isn't displayed and you want to join, add yourself here. Guest Members are listed below.
Dave Barr
Jerry 'Evo Red' Eibert (Charter Membe…) (1991)
Terry 'Hef' Heflin
Thomas Malmquist (Member #3420)
Mark “Straight Arrow” Rittermeyer
John 'JR' Robbins
'Wild' Bill Sterne
Darrell Stevenson
Shannon Turner
“Diver” Dan Walters

Guest Members

Jessie Barrett (Associate Member #a462)
Susanne Malmquist (Associate Member #…)
Cherl McSeveney (Associate Member #A4…)
Ann Thompson (Associate Member #675)